I’ve been involved in astronomy research for ~15 years but only recently acquired my very own telescope! Looking forward to seeing our solar system and beyond from my own backyard (even if it is Bortle 6…)

Telescope/mount: Celestron NexStar 6SE, alt/az stock computerized mount
Camera: iPhone 12 Pro with XYZ phone mount, ZWO ASI 224MC camera
Eyepiece: Baader Hyperion Universal Mark IV zoom 8-24 mm
Current photos just with iPhone, single frame no stacking, editing in photos app

Looking forward to refreshing my knowledge of best practices for image stacking and processing! Next stop, the planets (if they ever become visible in my backyard during human awake times…) 🙂

First Photos, Moon with iPhone & stock 25 mm eye piece

Now with Baader zoom eye piece, still iPhone

Zoomed in views with ZWO camera

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